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Seed Germination

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Short essay on the Germination of Seeds

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Essay on Seed (3206 Words)

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Germination is the emergence and development of seedlings from the seed-embryo which is able to produce a. Seed germination is the process in which seeds or spores sprout and begin to grow after being dormant for a period of time.

The length of dormancy varies depending environmental conditions in which the seed is surrounded by. Germination is the process when a seed emerges from its dormancy (Seed Germination, ).

The most common example of seed germination is the sprouting of a seed in its transition to seedling. The three main factors for seed germination to occur are water, oxygen, and temperature (Seed Germination, ). Seed Germination - Introduction: Seed germination is a process where the quiescence seed imbibed with water, the seed radical elongates and breaks through the seed coat surrounding the embryo.

Seed Germination Lab Essay. Effect of seed germination Purpose: To see the effect of an acid introduced during seed germination, on the length of the plant roots. Also shows how salt can affect the seed germination.

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Seed germination essay
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