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Published: Fri, 15 Dec The ideological development of Winston Smith in One of the two most famous books of George Orwell,depicts a pessimistic vision of the future world consisting of three totalitarian states; Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia, constantly at war with each other and keeping masses under careful observation and entire control.

winston smith. where does he live. victory mansions. describe the place (details: smells, conditions) for what are the children of being trained. war/spying/finding traitors/being loyal to party.

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Join Now Log in Home Literature Essays The Impossibility of Redemption for Winston Smith in The Impossibility of Redemption for Winston Smith in Timothy Sexton. In George Orwell'sWinston Smith cannot escape the state's domination. Yet his inability is not only because of government power.

Winston Smith: Winston is the books protagonist. He's thirty nine yrs.

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old and works in the Ministry of Love correcting historical errors. Smith has an ulcer on his calf which helps prevent him from walking long distances as that irritates it and triggers pain. Winston Smith, the protagonist of Orwell’s is an example of an everyday citizen in Oceania who obeys the rules of the government but questions them inwardly without speaking up.

He is described as the only hope for the totalitarian system to be abolished, but ends up weaker than the readers think.

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